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Trapdoor Pond Snails and Pond Plants
Mermaidweed - Submerged Pond Plants

Submerged Pond Plants

Submerged pond plants are a must for any water garden. They compete with algae for nutrients in the water, which helps to keep your pond clear. They can be planted in a small pot with gravel or weighted with one of our plant weights. Submerged pond plants also can be a source of food for your fish, as well as provide a place for them to hide. Submerged pond plants are great oxygenators.

Mermaidweed - Featured Submerged Pond Plant

Mermaidweed (Proserpinaca Palustris) can grow as a submerged oxygenating plants, but will also grow as an emergent plant. Mermaidweed grows several diffent types of leaves. The lower leaves have a sawtooth pattern, while the uppter leaves are more smooth. Great for aquariums or for water gardens. One bunch of Mermaidweed contains approximately 6 stems.

Floating Pond Plants

Is your water cloudy? Do you want your pond to be clear? If so Floating Pond Plants are just what you need. Floating Pond Plants both shade the water and compete with algae for nutrients. Most Floating Pond Plants are fast growing pond plants, allowing them to shade more of your pond and use more nutrients. Floating Pond Plants are by far our most popular type of pond plants. We ship thousands of Floating Pond Plants every year.

Rosette Water Lettuce - Featured Floating Pond Plant

This type of Rosette Water Lettuce is new to our line of pond plants this year. We do still grow the Curly Leaf Rosette Water Lettuce that we have always carried. This new variety of Rosette Water Lettuce is slightly more cold and heat tolerant and makes a fine addition to any water garden.

Trapdoor Pond Snails and Bullfrog Tadpoles

Have string algae on the sides of your pond? Want a natural way to help clean your pond? Think Trapdoor Pond Snails or BullFrog Tadpoles. These little guys like to chow down on the string algae growing on the sides of your pond.

Black Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails (Viviparis malleatus)

Some types of pond snails are egg-laying snails and will lay thousands of eggs and over-populate your pond. Trapdoor pond snails are a live-bearing snail that will not take over your pond. Trapdoor Pond Snails are hardy and can repair their shells if there are cracks or holes in them. We can ship trapdoor pond snails year-round. Pond snail and tadpole orders have a minimum of 10. (See pond snail page for price breaks).

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Hardy and Tropical Water Lilies

Hardy Water Lilies - Wanvisa

Hardy Water Lilies

Hardy water lilies are a time tested favorite for water gardens.Hardy water lilies are a perennial pond plant that provides both color and shade to your pond. The leaves of hardy water lilies provide a place for small pond fish to hide from predators. We have red, white, pink, yellow, peach-orange, and changeable hardy water lilies for sale.

Wanvisa - Featured Hardy Water Lily

Wanvisa is finally here. Wanvisa was voted 2010's best new water lily of the year. Wanvisa is a fast grower and a great bloomer, showcasing features that have never been seen in a hardy water lily before. The lily pads feature splashes green and burgundy mixed together, and the blooms feature dashes of yellow throughout deep peach/pink flowers. Wanvisa is sure to be a pleasing lily for any water garden enthusiast.

Tropical Water Lilies - Tanzanite

Tropical Water Lilies

Tropical water lilies are a luxury pond plant. Tropical water lilies cost more and in most planting zones will only survive one season, but Tropical water lilies offer some of the most beautiful blooms. In general tropical water lilies are have larger leaves and bloom more often than hardy water lilies. We have blue, green, purple, red, pink, and yellow tropical water lilies for sale.

Tanzanite - Featured Tropical Water Lily

Inter-mixed purple and green make the leaves of the Leopardess water lily quite striking. Large blue full blooms make the Leopardess one of the most eye catching tropical water lilies in our selection. The Leopardess, an excellent bloomer, would make a great tropical water lily for your pond.

Unsorted Hardy Water Lilies

Our unsorted water lilies are the best price. The unsorted water lilies are sold by color. Unsorted water lilies are one of our named varieties that has grown in a mixed pond of the same color water lilies, so the exact variety is unknown. We have red, peach/orange, yellow, white, pink, and changeable unsorted water lilies for sale.

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