Planting Instructions For Hardy Water Lotus

Planting Hardy Water lotus


We recommend that you float your lotus tuber in aged pond water that is in a warm, sunny place before planting. It is important that the water is not stagnant. This allows the tuber to sprout and will increase your success at growing lotus. Watch carefully, once the tuber has sprouted a leaf or two, it is ready to plant. When your lotus has sprouted, fill up your 4 gallon or larger pot with 4”-6" of mud. Gently set the tuber on top of the mud, being very careful not to damage the growing tips. The tuber should be placed in such a way that the tips are sticking upwards out of the soil. Push the tuber slightly into the mud, weighing it down with a small rock if necessary, which will help prevent it from floating up out of the pot until it develops roots. Once the lotus has developed roots, it will turn downward, planting itself deeper into the pot. DO NOT BURY THE TUBER. Doing so may cause the tuber to rot. Place the lotus in full sun, away from waterfalls, fountains and moving water. Start the lotus in shallow water (2" to 4"), moving the pot deeper as it matures to a depth of 6" to 12". Lotus are very heavy feeders, but should not be fertilized until they have put up 2 or 3 leaves. After the lotus has leaves, it should be given 1 or 2 fertilizer tablets, per gallon of soil.

For specific planting depths and type of container to use read the plant information at the bottom of the item description for the plant you are planting.