Lilyblooms Bulk Fishfood

Lilyblooms bulk fishfood is available in multiple varieties and sizes.

Economy Fishfood Large Pellet: A basic fishfood for Koi or Goldfish. 5mm Pellet

Economy Fishfood Small Pellet: A basic fishfood for Koi or Goldfish. 3mm Pellet

Growth Fishfood: Promotes a more rapid growth in Koi and Goldfish.

Maintenance Fishfood: helps maintain and/or brighten color in Koi.

Sinking Fishfood: A basic fishfood that sinks slowly to keep from getting sucked straight into the skimmer.

Spring/Fall Fishfood: A wheat germ fishfood for cold weather. Feed when water temperatures are between 50 and 60 degrees.

Pond Fish Flake Food: A premium floating flake food for Koi or Goldfish.

Variety Blend Fish Food: A Blend of each type of pellet fish food.

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