Update to shipping rates

Posted by Lilyblooms on Sep 2nd 2020

Due to the high demand for shipping and the deterioration of reliability of the Post Office, cheaper shipping options are no longer viable options for shipping perishable items such as plants. Some ha … read more

2020 Spring Pre-Orders

Jan 15th 2020

Big Spring Sale!For orders placed by February 29th 2020 use the promo code preorder20 Pre-orderHardy Water Lotus,Water Lilies,Bog Plants,Submerged Oxygenating Plants,Floating Plants, andPond Supplies. … read more

2019 Pre-Order Program

Posted by Lilyblooms on Jan 8th 2019

Big Spring Sale!For orders placed by February 28th 2019 use the promo code preorder19 Pre-order Hardy Water Lotus, Water Lilies, Bog Plants, Submerged Oxygenating Plants, Floating Plants, and Pond Sup … read more

Fall and Winter Plant Care

Oct 24th 2016

Fall and Winter Pond CareThe summer has flown by, fall is here, and winter is quickly approaching! Are you and your pond prepared for the coming season? Below we have provided some tips that just may … read more

Hardy Water Lotus

Mar 18th 2016

Our Hardy Water Lotus are in stock and ready for shipment. Hardy Water Lotus are magnificent plants with leaves held up high out of the water and some of the largest blooms you will see in a water gar … read more