Square-stem monkeyflower (Mimulus ringens)

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Square-stem monkeyflower (Mimulus ringens)

Square-stem monkeyflower, aka Allegheny monkeyflower, aka lavender musk (this is why we have Latin names!) is a US native in many states. It has pretty lavender-blue flowers that could resemble the face of a monkey (it helps if you also see faces in clouds), on tall square stems with lance-shaped leaves.

Square-stem monkeyflower is the host plant for several butterfly species, and blooms June through September.

Hardiness Zone: 3-9, handles humid heat but not fond of hot dry desert climate
Planting Container: We recommend a medium to large planting bag
Light Requirements: full sun to part shade
Height: 30"-48" - Spread: 12-24"+, spreads using underground rhizomes
Water Depth: Moist soil to 6" under water (maximum depth is for mature plants only)

For planting instructions see our: Planting Instructions for Bog Plants Page.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review