About Us

LilyBlooms Aquatic Gardens - The Water Garden Store - Since 1974

Get your live pond plants shipped directly from the growing facility! We are the Water Garden Enthusiast Source for Pond Plants and Water Garden Products.

LilyBlooms Aquatic Gardens is a mail order water garden company with several growing facilities that we ship from. We offer a complete line of live pond plants, trapdoor pond snails, and water garden products such as pumps, filters and water treatments.

Thank you for your interest in our pond plants and complete line of water garden products. We have all the pond plants and pond supplies you need to make your water garden a complete success. We are dedicated to growing great pond plants and we thank you for being part of our heritage. We are continuously looking for new pond plants and new pond products to make your water garden more enjoyable and easier to maintain. If you have any questions about our pond plants, Japanese trapdoor pond snails, or pond supplies, or need advice about your water feature, please email us!