Planting Instructions For Bog Plants

Planting Bog Plantsbog-plant.jpg

Plant bog plants as you would tropical lilies, again, making sure not to cover the crown of the plant. Most bog plants come in 2" net pots. Care should be taken when removing the plants from these pots. If the roots of the plant are growing out of the net pots, using a pair of scissors, carefully cut the net pot away and gently remove the plant, saving as many of the roots as possible. Fill your planting container about 3/4 of the way to the top with a clay soil. Then make a hole in the center large enough for the roots to fit in without burying the crown of the plant. While holding the plant upright in the hole, carefully fill in the hole with soil around the roots. Lightly pack the soil down so it will be firm enough to hold the bog plant upright. After planting place the plants in a shady area for them to adjust to the sun, wind and outdoor environment, as most of the plants are coming out of a greenhouse and need a couple of days to adjust to being outside. Once they are established and growing heartily, the water above the top of the pot can be as deep as 1/2" to 3", depending on the variety and size of the plant.

For specific planting depths and type of container to use read the plant information at the bottom of the item description for the plant you are planting.