Gunnera manicata hybrid (giant rhubarb)

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Gunnera manicata hybrid (giant rhubarb)

Gunnnera is a moisture-loving herbaceous perennial that grows into an impressive clump, and boasts the largest leaves of any terrestrial plant (soe species of the waterlily gunus Victoria, the platter lily, can rival its leaf diameter).

In the right conditions, gunnera leaves can grow up to around 8' diameter, with the record being over 11' and 4 to 5' a common mature size. The entire plant will usually only get 8-10' tall and 13' across, but specimens can far exceed that size (for example, see our photo of plants growing in Vancouver, BC, Canada).

Gunnera resemble rhubarb in appearance, but are unrelated and not edible. They are winter hardy to Z8 without protection, although can easily be grown in Z7 and perhaps Z6 by cutting the huge leaves after frost and piling them over the crown of the plant until new growth resumes in the spring.

Gunnera requires moist soil conditions, such as along streambanks, but must not be placed in the pond with its crown submerged. It wi usually tolerate more water if directly planted into the gravel along the edges of an actively flowing streambed, as the contstant highly oxygenated water helps the plant cope with the extra water.

One helpful tip for the successful maintenance of gunnera is to frequently wet the crown with water, to keep it moist where the new leaves form. This simulates its native conditions in the mountains of South America, where rain is frequent.

Naturally, the plant we ship won't be one of these giants yet--it will be a well started baby with leaves 6-8" diameter. Gunnera grow very quickly given the right conditions, so you will be quickly rewarded for your care!

Hardiness Zone: 8-11 (7 or even 6 with protection)
Planting Container: We recommend planting directly into soil or gravel
Light Requirements: full sun to part shade, in hot dry climates partial to full shade only (not recommended in desert climates)
Height: 8-15'   Spread: 8'+
Water Depth: Moist soil only



(No reviews yet) Write a Review