Giant Val (Vallisneria gigantea) aka Jungle Val or Eelgrass

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Giant Val (Vallisneria gigantea) aka Jungle Val or Eelgrass

Giant Val has ribbon-like leaves that will grow 5' long or even longer in deeper water. It grows planted at the bottom of the pond, and can be planted in a pot or in mud. sand or gravel directly onto the pond bottom.

Giant Val grows quickly in warm weather once established, and sends out many runners that grow into new plants; it stays evergreen in winter if growing below the ice level. Anchor well when planting, as it is slightly buoyant until its roots grow firmly into the soil.

Giant Val is much larger than Corkscrew Val; in shallow water its leaves can reach the surface and then travel horizontally a little--this helps shade the pond, and improves the plant's ability to compete with algae for both nutrients and light.

Giant Val is a popular aquarium plant, for both high and low light levels.

This submerged pond plant is also known as tape grass or eel grass, and is often referred to as a submerged oxygenating plant. 

Giant Val is sold as a bare root plant, and will come with 3 or more leaves. They are short when shipped, because a long leaf will tend to dissolve once planted, as the roots undergo transplant shock and can't support a large leaf. 

Minimum purchase of 3.

Hardiness Zone: 5-10
Light Requirements: Sun to Shade
Water Depth: 1'-15', if water is clear enough for the plant to get light


(No reviews yet) Write a Review