Mo Hong (Black Red or Ink Red)  -- Dark Red Hardy Water Lotus (Nelumbo cultivar)

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Mo Hong (aka Black Red or Ink Red)  -- Dark Red Hardy Water Lotus (Nelumbo cultivar)

Mo Hong is the darkest red lotus we've ever seen! And it is a large, robust, free blooming multi-petal dark red--quite an attention getter!

While most lotus are darkest on their 1st day of bloom, Mo Hong seems to be darkest on the 2nd day; it is also darker in Autumn, when there is more of a difference between day and night temperatures. Even when it isn't as inky black-red, Mo Hong is still about as dark or darker than other dark red lotus cultivars.

Mo Hong's leaves are also tinted red, especially in Spring and on new leaves. 

Give this special lotus as large a container as you can to take full advantage of its robust growth and bloom!

Very limited for 2024!

SIZE: Large (5-6')
Planting Container: We recommend a 15" diameter or larger planting container (preferably 24" diameter or larger).
Light Requirements: FULL SUN
WATER DEPTH: 6" TO 12" (Maximum water depth is for mature lotus)

Lotus are sold as bare root tubers, or sometimes later in the Spring as runners with small leaves. The growing points of both tubers and runners are fragile, and must be handled very carefully.

For planting instructions see our: Planting Instructions for Hardy Water Lotus.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review