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Lilyblooms 2017 Water Lily and Water Lotus 12 month wall calendar consists of stunning photos taken right here at our nursery. This water lily wall calendar is 8.5" H x 11" W when closed and 11" W x 17" H when opened to hang on a wall. This water lily / water lotus calendar qualifies for free shipping.

Photos this year consist of:

Cover: Water Lily Greenhouse

January: Mrs. Emily G. Hutchings - Pink Night Blooming Water Lily

February: Mexicana - Yellow Semi-Hardy Water Lily

March: Crystal - White Viviparous Tropical Water Lily

April: Wanvisa - Peach/Orange Hardy Water Lily - Calendar picture shows a beautiful mutation of a wanvisa bloom.

May: Empress - Hardy Water Lotus

June: Snow Princess - Dwarf White Hardy Water Lily

July: Trudy Slocum - White Night Blooming Water Lily

August: Blue Beauty - Blue Tropical Water Lily

September: Green Maiden - Changeable Hardy Water Lotus

October: Star of Siam - Blue Tropical Water Lily

November: Miami Rose - Pink Tropical Water Lily

December: Purple Joy - Stunning Purple and White Tropical Water Lily