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PondCare AlgaeFix - 8 oz.

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Product Overview

PondCare AlgaeFix™ 8oz.
Manufactured by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals .. For Green Water and String Algae
PondCare AlgaeFix™ will clear up those nasty strands of algae safely and with little fuss. When used in conjunction with barley bales you end up with a total String Algae and Blanket Weed solution. PondCare AlgaeFix™ clears up String Algae that is already present in the pond but has little preventative effect to keep the algae from returning. As pond water runs through barley bales the barley begins to break down and releases enzymes into the water that retard the growth of any new algae. Treat the water immediately with PondCare AlgaeFix™ according to the instructions on the label. It takes several weeks for the enzymes in the barley to begin working properly so additional treatments of PondCare AlgaeFix™ may be necessary during this time. Remember that PondCare AlgaeFix™ is a temporary fix. Barley bales should be used in conjunction with PondCare AlgaeFix™ to offer a total solution to the String Algae problem.

* PondCare AlgaeFix™ is safe for fish and reptiles such as snails, frogs and turtles.
* It is not safe for shell fish such as lobsters, crayfish and shrimp.
* PondCare AlgaeFix™ will get rid of string algae altogether after just one treatment.
* Keep your ornamental pond or water garden clean and clear with Pond Care AlgaeFix™
* PondCare AlgaeFix™ can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish
* Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms and blanket weed (Oedogonium)
* PondCare AlgaeFix™ is an EPA registered Algaecide that helps resolve future algae problems.

Add 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) of PondCare AlgaeFix™ for every 50 US gallons (190 L) of pond/fountain water. Thoroughly mix PondCare AlgaeFix™ into the pond/fountain water by adding it near the pump outflow, waterfall, or aeration device. PondCare AlgaeFix™ can be mixed in a bucket of pond/fountain water and dispersed evenly around the pond/fountain. Repeat dose every 3 days until algae is controlled. Be prepared to siphon out dead filamentous algae. Once algal growth is under control, add one dose per week. Weekly doses of PondCare AlgaeFix™ will control algal growth and reduce pond/fountain maintenance.
When algae dies it consumes great amounts of the ponds supply of dissolved oxygen. Killing all the algae at once with PondCare AlgaeFix™ can be disastrous if proper precautions are not taken. Aerate the pond heavily when using PondCare AlgaeFix™. Never use PondCare AlgaeFix™ at dusk or at night when oxygen levels are low. Do not treat the pond with PondCare AlgaeFix™ and leave. Keep an eye on the fish during treatment with PondCare AlgaeFix™ and if the fish come to the surface as if gasping for air make an immediate water change to dilute the treatment!

8 oz PondCare AlgaeFix™ Treats 2,400 US Gal 
16 oz PondCare AlgaeFix™ Treats 4,800 US Gal 
32 oz. PondCare AlgaeFix™ Treats 9,600 US Gal 
64 oz. PondCare AlgaeFix™ Treats 19,200 US Gal


(No reviews yet) Write a Review