Momo Botan Lotus

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Momo Botan (Nelumbo 'Momo Botan') Hardy Water Lotus

Momo Botan is one of the best blooming lotuses. The rosy pink, double flowers resemble pink peonies. Leaves are about 12" and stand about 2' high. Flowers stay open later in the day and it has a long blooming season. A good choice for containers and small to medium water gardens.

SIZE: MEDIUM (Height 2' to 3', Small to Medium Spread)
Planting Container: We recommend a 2 1/2 Gallon Solid Planting Container or a 4 1/2 Gallon Solid Planting Container.
Light Requirements: FULL SUN
WATER DEPTH: 3" TO 24" (Maximum water depth is for mature lotus)

For planting instructions see our: Planting Instructions for Hardy Water Lotus.