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Microbe-Lift Flocculant PLUS 16 oz.

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Product Overview

Microbe-Lift® Flocculant Plus 16oz.
Water Clarifier
Microbe-Lift® Flocculant Plus is a proprietary formulation used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water. After using Microbe-Lift® Flocculant Plus, particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pond and/or filter out through the filter system.

* Clears cloudy water
* Safe for aquatic life and plants
* Attracts suspended particles
* Improves filtration

Add one ounce Microbe-Lift® Flocculant Plus per 150 gallons of CLOUDY pond water. Maintain aeration and filtration for maximum clarification. After the milky haze period, conditions should clear within 12-24 hours. Dosage may be repeated as necessary. DO NOT freeze. Store at room temperature.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review