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Microbe-Lift Ensure - Quart

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Product Overview

Microbe-lift Ensure® - 1 Quart
Specially Formulated For Natural Or Decorative Water Gardens
Microbe-lift Ensure® encourages better root and blossom development and healthier overall plant growth.
Quart of Microbe-lift Ensure® Treats 10,000 Gallons for 8 weeks
Gallon of Microbe-lift Ensure® Treats 40,000 Gallons for 8 weeks

* Ensures a healthy start for plants and reduces transplant shock
* Increases luster of leaves and pads and reduces browning of leaf edges
* Microbe-lift Ensure® establishes and maintains symbiotic microbial populations
* Promotes greater plant vitality and stimulates root formation and growth
* Enhances ability of plants to utilize light, water and nutrients by making the nutrients more bioavailable
* Microbe-lift Ensure® ensures natural water conditions
* Biologically supports a good pond balance resulting in a vigorous growth environment
* Compatible with all pond fish, wildlife and the other MICROBE-LIFT® products
* Microbe-lift Ensure® improves tolerance to temperature fluctuations


(No reviews yet) Write a Review