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Microbe-Lift Defoamer 16 oz.

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Product Overview

Microbe-Lift® Defoamer 16oz.
Eliminates Foam in Seconds!
Microbe-Lift® Defoamer gets rid of unsightly foam fast, leaving pond water clean and clear. Persistent foaming can indicate a heavy concentration of undissolved organics. Partial water changes can improve water quality which will help reduce foaming. Microbe-Lift® Defoamer leaves pond and fountain water clean and clear Microbe-Lift® Defoamer is for ponds and fountains of all sizes Microbe-Lift® Defoamer is safe for fish, plants, birds and aquatic life.

Add one ounce per 500 gallons of pond water. If foaming persists 5 minutes after initial treatment, repeat dosage until foam is gone.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review