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Microbe-Lift Autumn / Winter Prep - Large Kit

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Product Overview

Microbe-Lift® Autumn Winter Prep Kit - 1 Gallon + 8-2oz. cellulose pks.

Specially Formulated for Pond Winterization .. Microbe-Lift® Autumn/Winter Prep is a 2-part program engineered to provide you with an effective method of winter pond maintenance.

* 100% Natural, Safe and Beneficial Bacteria
* 100% Biodegradable
* Microbe-Lift® Autumn Winter Prep is Made in the USA
* 3 Year Shelf Life
* Safe to use Easy to use All natural Nontoxic Non-pathogenic
* Microbe-Lift ®Autumn Winter Prep is safe for fish and plants
* Will continue to provide sustained biological activity even in water temperature under 55°
* Helps to jump start your pond to a healthier environment in the spring
* Helps to maintain a healthy immune system for your fish during the winter months
* Reduces buildup of dead leaves and organic sediment all winter long
* If frozen, the bacteria in Microbe-Lift® Autumn Winter Prep will remain effective after thawing out
* Effective in darker conditions (under ice and snow)

Each box contains 1 gallon of Microbe-Lift® Autumn/Winter Prep and eight 2oz water soluble packets containing cellulose producing bacteria and a cold weather bacteria. For best results, use 4 applications of Microbe-Lift® Autumn Winter Prep one month apart. Start your winter maintenance program in early fall, this will give the bacteria and cellulose enzymes in Microbe-Lift® Autumn Winter Prep sufficient time to acclimate themselves before the winter freeze.

Microbe-Lift/Autumn Winter Prep is NOT a chemical.

Quart Size treats up to 5000 gallons for 4 months

Gallon Size treats over 30,000 gallons for 4 months

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review