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Microbe-Lift AquaXtreme - 1 Gallon

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Product Overview

Microbe-Lift® AquaXtreme - 1 Gallon

A Full-Function, Buffered Water Conditioner

1 Gallon Treats up to 7,680 gallons

* Detoxifies Nitrite
* Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine & Ammonia
* Destroys Chloramines
* Detoxifies Copper & Heavy Metals
* Boosts Alkalinity
* Adds Essential Electrolytes
* Adds A 3-Part Slime Coat Replacer
* Helps to Reduce Stress
* Instantly Ages Pond Water

Microbe-Lift®/Aqua XTreme is a convenient liquid, single-phase, full-function water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds. Microbe-Lift®/Aqua XTreme should be used when: conditioning new water for ponds; adding (or prior to adding) water, new fish or plants to ponds; and transporting koi and goldfish. It is very important to use Microbe-Lift®/Aqua XTreme when adding water to a pond that contains chloramines. Conventional dechlorinators will detoxify the chlorine in the chloramines but do nothing to the ammonia released from the chloramines. Microbe-Lift®/Aqua XTreme will detoxify both the chlorine and the ammonia in chloramines.


* Perform regular water changes to keep alkalinity (acid-neutralizing capacity) and pH stable.
* Use Microbe-Lift®/Aqua XTreme as needed to eliminate and control ammonia at the regular dosage rate for each 1mg/L, or fraction thereof, of measured total ammonia for each 0.85 mg/L of measured total ammonia-nitrogen.
* Use a salicylate (indolphenol) type total ammonia test kit.

Please Note: Do not use with a permanganate-based or chlorite-based treatment. Nessler's total ammonia test kits will give a false high or off scale reading. Winkler's dissolved oxygen test will give a false low or zero reading.


* Electrolytes
* Buffers
* A proprietary formula in an aqueous solution.

Nontoxic to Humans, Pets & Aquatic Life


(No reviews yet) Write a Review