Japanese Trapdoor Pond Snails

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Black Japanese Trapdoor Snails (Viviparis malleatus)

The Black Japanese Trapdoor Snails (Viviparis malleatus) are the preferred snail species for pond owners and water gardeners. Japanese Trapdoor Snails are one of the few varieties that will survive in northern climates. Pond snails are helpful in keeping algae under control in your pond as they groom your plant containers, rocks, liner sides and plants. Trapdoor snails will consume excess fish food, fish waste and decaying leaves from the bottom of the pond. Japanese Trapdoor Snails are live-bearing and only breed twice a year. They will not over reproduce and become a nuisance like egg laying snails. To have a positive effect on algae growth, a minimum of 10 snails per 50 square feet is necessary. Large natural ponds would require at least 200 snails per acre to be effective.

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  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 16th 2019

    They arrived all alive and doing their job.

  • 5

    Posted by Tom Smith on Apr 8th 2019

    The snails arrived alive and healthy. Thank you.

  • 5
    Great snails!

    Posted by Amanda on Apr 4th 2019

    Received living well. Put them in a large bowl with some plants with algae. Add my pond water to adjust them to my pond water. After 1 day they had babies!! After 2 days I added them to my pond. Spring the next year in the middle of Indiana after my pond froze over all winter they are still living. Love these big guys

  • 5
    Japanese Trapdoor Snails

    Posted by JUSTIN DUPONT on Nov 21st 2018

    Received in a very timely manner. ALL healthy, and moving about within hours. Pretty much had the bulk of my Algae cleaned up in a couple of days. Size was actually bigger than I expected. All around very happy that I purchased my JTS from Lilyblooms.

  • 3
    Three snails arrived dead. When I put them in the pond it became apparent that three more were dead. These were the smallest of the snails which arrived. The rest seem to be okay

    Posted by CHARLES UMANSKY on Oct 1st 2018

    Not as good as the last time I ordered snails.

  • 5
    Japanese Trapdoor Snails

    Posted by Dave Anderson on Aug 26th 2018

    Snails were well packaged and healthy, now just waiting to see if they help my algee problem.

  • 5
    Japanese Trapdoor Snails

    Posted by M Glick on Jun 13th 2018

    All the snails arrived in excellent condition. They are happily eating away in my 40 inch bowl pond. I am having trouble with algae but after a few days I think they are making a difference. Would buy again. Thanks

  • 2
    Japanese T. .rap Door Snails

    Posted by Phillup J Bull on May 22nd 2018

    Snails arrived timely and apparently in good shape. I find it difficult to tell whether snails are alive or not on arrival. However I grouped them in several different places in my pond and they were all dispersed the next day so I assume they were alive. They were all mossy and covered with algae so are very hard to spot. Snails a got elsewhere last year came with clean shells and so are easier to spot. I actually haven't been able to find any of your snails in the pond since the first day. I can only hope they are down there somewhere doing their job.

  • 4
    Smaller snails

    Posted by Pepper Morris on May 21st 2018

    I bought 10 they sent 11. I put 4 in my upper pond. They said it might take awhile for them to open up and start working. Those 4 were moving in 6 hours. Off to do their work in a 125 gallon upper pond. The 7 on the 1,000 pond were moving in 9 hours. I have seen 5 of them on the sides of the pond, assuming they are happy and eating and cleaning. I just have to bring them inside next fall. I have a 10 gal aquarium that they will rest in for the winter.