Hardy Water Lotus

Hardy Water Lotus Tubers (Nelumbo)

Water Lotus are some of the most majestic water garden plants when fully matured. Larger varieties of Lotus can grow leaves up to 6 feet tall and more than a foot across with blooms reaching 6"-12" across. Smaller varieties of Lotus will grow leaves 2' - 3' tall and 6" across with blooms reaching 3"-4" across. Smaller varieties of Lotus can grow in as small as a 2 1/2 gallon container, while larger varieties will need a 4 1/2 gallon or larger container. Keep Lotus less than a foot deep for optimal growth. Drop Lotus below the freeze line for winterization. If Lotus tubers are planted correctly and well fertilized they can put on a show for you within the first year. Lotus typically bloom mid-late summer and sometimes into early Autumn. Lotus tubers depending on the variety can range from 3" - 18". Lotus tubers can be shipped March - June and are not available the rest of the year.
Lotus are shipped as dormant tubers for several reasons:
1) Once lotus begin growing they quickly become too large to ship without damaging the plants.
2) Lotus do not transplant well, so it is best to start them where they will be growing in your pond.
3) The stored energy in Lotus tubers provides the start of a mature adult plant in the first year.
Planting Instructions:
We ship lotus orders when we determine it is near planting time for your zone. Your lotus tuber will arrive in a bag of packing peanuts. Carefully remove the tuber from the bag, and if possible float the tuber in water in a sunny window until it begins to sprout. Once the tuber has begun to sprout, you are ready to plant the lotus in a container in your pond. Check the description of the Lotus you have purchased to see which size container is recommended. Fill your container with at least 4" of heavy garden soil. a clay based soil is recommended. Do not use a standard potting mix because it will float right out of your container. Lay the tuber on top of the soil, and only lightly press it into the soil as you do not want to break the tuber. As the tuber begins to grow its roots will pull it down into the soil. If your lotus tuber keeps floating out of the container you can set a small stone on the middle part of the tuber (where no leaves are coming out) to help hold it down.
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