Black Pond Straw Foam

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Black Pond Straw Foam

* Black in color
* Large Volume
* No Formaldehyde
* Stops Water
* Low Cost & Convenient
* Seals Out Noise
* Fills and Seals Voids
* Seals Out Animals
* Water Proofing

Using black foam is the fast way to build waterfalls and streams. The black foam will bond to rocks and pond liner to form a waterproof seal. This allows the water to flow over the rocks rather than through the rock cavities. Each can contains up to 887 feet of cured foam. The foam cures in 24 hours, then it can be trimmed or sanded. You can also use it to hold rock in place around the edge of a pond. It is 100% fish safe.

The Black Pond Straw Foam may be from Atlantic Water Gardens, Anjon, or Laguna, depending on what is in stock.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review